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Life is getting simpler and less demanding in all spheres with the headway of the Automation innovation today. Home Automation is a contemporary technology which modifies our homes to perform a different set of tasks automatically. For more reasons than one, anyone would prefer an automatic framework over the manual one. Convenience and comfort are the foremost advantages of a smart home, as the inclusion of more gadgets dealing with various operations relieves the inhabitant from performing routine tasks. How perfect a life would it be, if on a good day, while driving back home from a tiring day at the office, I can use my mobile to send a signal to my garage door to open; my indoor lights would just be made pleasant and soothing; my coffee would brew the right espresso for me to relax; my geyser would automatically heat the water for a relaxing bath; my refrigerator would give me a menu of dishes that can be prepared using the available grocery; my television would start streaming the sitcom I watch daily at that particular time; my smart cooker would cook me the perfect meal; and as I get onto the bed, the lights would automatically turn off alongside the doors and windows getting auto-locked.

As a matter of fact, the global home automation market is set to reach a value of more than 53 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

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The Home Automation Supply Chain

If we consider electronic appliances to be the points of focus, all of them work sequentially in an automation system with the aid of a proper supply chain management. The inflection point of a smart home, till date, has largely been occurring within the home automation supply chain itself, rather than the customers; although we expect this to change as a part of this conjugation process. This is evidenced by the launch of home automation as the offering of a service by the automation providers, sensing the nascent opportunity for a large-scale home automation market, as well as with the entry of some large, multinational technology firms to supply them. However, the home automation supply chain has been dominated largely by smaller, closely-held home automation specialist firms. One such flourishing firm, DiscoveryIoT has come up with revolutionary provisions which will allow different home automation providers to trace their appliances through the supply chains, precisely alongside, giving equal importance to the factor of their intervals. They are solving the supply chain issues by bringing together the technologies of Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence under the same roof. Also, their solutions are quite user-friendly. Every supply chain industry, in particular, the home automation companies have an eye upon the ICO of DiscoveryIoT, which has already been initiated in the September of 2018 and is ongoing at the moment.


IoT-based home automation

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The IoT-based Home Automation simply refers to the modern homes that are automated through the internet with their home appliances being controlled.  Looking at the technological process; firstly, the user commands over the internet are obtained by the Wi-Fi modems which have an interface with the Microcontroller. Its system status is displayed through the LCD display, along with the system data. This is a typical IoT-based Home Automation system, for controlling all our home appliances. The smart home market is taking off as IoT device prices come down and the general public comes to understand the merits of these products. The IoT devices in Home Automation have the maximum application in energy. The home heating devices are able to control the temperature through devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones and all of these appliances contain sensors that connect them to a network. This is how IoT comes into place, and is thus an integral part of the home automation. With the help of IoT technology, we can control devices as and when we want. We at DiscoveryIoT, seek to provide innovative solutions through a sophisticated IoT network of various smartphone users. This helps the residents track the appliances using the Edge Computing technology. By developing our own IoT tag, named ‘Cliot’, we are planning to secure it with the tracked items. This tag then liaises with a registered smartphone and transfers the information onto it, in order to process the received data through Edge Computing, before it is uploaded to the Cloud. We live in times where having significant insights timely can have enormous consequences.


The beauty of the Home Automation system lies in the fact that the settings are manageable from our smartphones and other remote-control devices. Smart home devices can help reduce the costs and conserve energy. And from smart homes, the next logical step is- Smart Cities, which would take the IoT to the next level. And yet, smart homes are just one small part of our daily lives that the Internet of Things will transform in the coming years.  Home Automation in India is creating big opportunities, not only for Indian automation companies but also for foreign companies. The rapid development of home-based automation, along with machine-to-machine communications will continue to create billions of newly connected objects over the next 5 years.


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