4 Reasons to invest in Discovery’s success

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 With the world spending on IoT to reach an astounding $772.5 billion in 2018 as per IDC, IoT is set to become a game changer in technology space in the future. One of the major areas where IoT can make an impact is in supply chain and according to a report by Cisco it is estimated that IoT will generate a staggering $1.9 trillion market in supply chain alone. Hence, Discovery is tapping into this trillion dollar market with an innovative IoT solution setting itself apart with an assurance of success due to the following reasons:   


  • Network Effect- Unlike the existing two-way business, whose value accrued from the product is proportional to the number of players in the market, we are aiming to have an ‘escape velocity’ which will hold a competitive edge and will make difficult for companies’ to replicate. We are making our network self-sustainable where the user community will directly contribute to the enterprise’s growth. The user community will lend cellular data to the enterprises aiding them to expand their company and drive revenue opportunities.
  • Affordability and Right Incentives- We ensure to benefit every player i.e the user community as well as the enterprises. The user community is the service providers of the cellular network who are rewarded higher than the amount charged by the telecommunications network which eventually motivates users to lend more of their network bandwidth to our Discovery community. Also, from the enterprises’ view, they are able to access the information related to stock and sales data which aids them in making real-time decisions at a highly affordable rate thus proving beneficial to both user community and enterprises.
  • Upgraded Technology- As the evolution of IoT continues, it is crucial to progress from the existing solutions and holds superior technology to solve all the issues in the current supply chain management process. The current SCM process is in need of innovative technological solutions like IoT and edge computing to improvise and solves the challenges being faced say, monitoring good in-transit, automatic manufacturing process etc. DiscoveryIoT solutions are 100x superior and advance when compared to existing solutions which will upgrade with respect to the dynamic environment and holds a higher chance of mass adoption.
  • Democratization- Due to high hardware and solution cost, IoT solutions was restricted in industries which hold upmarket goods. However, we are providing IoT solution at a highly affordable rate to make it democratize. Our self-charging printable tag, Cliot, coat as low as $0.10 by making it affordable for any industry to use and secure the supply chain. With industries, even the consumers can use to track and gain information by placing this tag on daily products.
  • Smarter AI- As AI will be given to store plenty of information, it will become smarter and further help the businesses by providing accurate information of stock, sales for the year, revenue generated etc. Also, it aids the clients in getting a clear vision of the company by gaining information like progress for a particular period of time and other relevant historical data.
  • Strong Team- Our team consists of experienced professionals, technical experts, and business development managers. The team has tremendous domain knowledge and excel in the areas of supply chain and technology. The Co-Founder & CEO, Selvam VMS is a veteran in the area of supply chain management with more than 10 years in the domain and is accompanied by Kumar T, Co-Founder & CTO, a techie with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the areas of IoT and AI. Also, they are supported by various high professionals, experts and senior advisors say, Aly Madhavji and Nandakumar Balanujan with 36+ years of experience in supply chain.

Why invest in Discovery?

 Supply chain management is an extremely relevant process in every industry. Order fulfillment can be delayed by a number of factors like traffic, stock out and also holds issues like temperature stability for perishable goods, inventory management etc. Discovery is building a solution that can make an impact in a trillion dollar supply chain market. Following are some of the reasons why investment in Discovery assures an excellent ROI:

    1. Scalable solution– According to Gartner, there will be 20 billion connected devices in 2020, which eventually means that IoT networks must be scalable in order to accumulate these devices. In spite of residing on a crowded source, smartphones, our blockchain 4.0 technology can handle a large number of devices and also manage millions of transactions per second which will make our network massive and scalable. The DiscoveryIoT solution is truly disruptive in nature and there is no requirement of any infrastructure like towers, scanners or readers required for the solution to operate, it is easily scalable and expandable across geographies.
    2. Real and existing problem- DiscoveryIoT solves the current problems of supply chain management like product obsolescence, stock-outs and lost of shelf space, suboptimal trade marketing spends etc. These problems are been identified in the market frequently and hence there was a need for a solution.
    3. Existing business- This solution is built on top of an existing business. Working with some of India’s leading consumer brands the team already handles more than 150 million lbs of products through its supply chain. In other words, DiscoveryIoT is an existing solution which is being moved into the blockchain for transparency, scale and cost optimization.
    4. Massive market- According to Statista, the supply chain market will increase from $3.4 billion in 2017 to $9.4 billion in 2023 stating much scope. This market also suffers from tracking problem which leads to huge loads of losses. It is estimated that industries waste more than $1 trillion due to stock obsolescence, stock-outs, and wasted marketing expenditure. Cliot tag helps in tracking products with smart AI to provide accurate information.


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